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Askinosie chocolate

Askinosie Chocolate

Founder: Shawn Askinosie
Location: Springfield, MO
Sources of cacao: Ecuador, Tanzania, Philippines, Honduras
Characteristic: A criminal defense lawyer turned social entrepreneur, Shawn works directly with local farms and profit shares to have a bigger impact.

Following a successful career as a lawyer handling death penalty cases, Shawn followed his true passion and calling to create Askinosie Chocolate. Shawn has adopted a Stake in The Outcome business philosphy which includes profit sharing with farmers and turning out more and more amazing chocolates every year.


Gingerbread bar 66%

Beans from: Tanzania
Tasting notes: gingerbread and spice

Master of the "Collab-Bar-ation", Shawn created this Holiday *bar* for sharing with The Chocolate Garage community. Gluten free and yet it tastes like you are biting into gingerbread... Delicious! Additional twist: the bar comes with crayons so you connect with your inner artist and color this winter holiday scene, while savoring bites of this gingerbread bar!