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Castronovo Chocolate

Castronovo Chocolate

Founder:Denise Castronovo
Location: Stuart, Florida
Sources of cacao:Central & South America
Characteristic: Understated explorations of rare flavors

A fellow scientist, Denise left a successful career promoting sustainability through Geospatial information systems to pursue a new love. Combining art with science, Denise uses her exceptional knowledge of places and ecosystems to identify unique and unusual beans, bringing them to life with a deep respect for both the tradition and science developed by craft chocolate makers and growers.

Sierra Madre 72%

Sierra Nevada 72%

Beans from: Colombia
Tasting notes: apricot, caramel, nuttiness

Denise announced her arrival on the craft chocolate scene with some very unusual and rare beans from the Sierra Nevada region of Colombia. Most new makers begin with the same tried and true origins, so it is refreshing to see a novel origin sourced by this budding bean to bar maker. Better yet, Denise achieved a nicely balanced bar with a flavor profile beloved by many Garagistas.

The Chocolate Garage released this special bar in the summer of 2014 as part of an event we organized in New York City to pay tribute to craft makers. Held at the lovely FIKA shop, a Swedish Chocolatier and coffee shop that values craft foods and healthy communities. Denise made her appearance alongside many of the best makers in the United States. We look forward to tasting and supporting future origins from Castronovo Chocolate.