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Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate

Dick Taylor

Founder: Adam Dick & Dustin Taylor
Location: Arcata, CA
Sources of cacao: Ecuador, Madagascar, Dominican Republic, Belize
Characteristic: American-style two ingredient chocolate, always available plain and with a flavor twist!

Adam Dick and Dustin Taylor are carpenters turned chocolate makers. They find vintage machines and relish taking them apart and then putting them back together. Located in northern California, these two thoughtful and hard working men are poised to rock the craft chocolate world.

Ecuador 70%

Ecuador 70% (sold out)

Beans from: Ecuador
Tasting notes: cherries, cream, earth

Adam and Dustin spent an evening sharing with Garagistas how they had changed their process, while we tasted the first batch of their new process. This bar was made exclusively for The Chocolate Garage and was gone in no time. The new smoothness and the last of the unusual Ecuador shipment made this a bar to treasure.

Ecuador 70% Black Fig

Ecuador 70% Black Fig (sold out)

Beans from: Ecuador
Tasting notes: cherries, cream and figs

A regular Garagista was so smitten by this bar that she reserved half the batch at the release party. The unique combination of the Ecuador flavor notes and the dried black fig was something that we hope Adam and Dick can re-create with future Ecuador harvests.