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Madre chocolate

Madre chocolate

Founder: Dave Elliott and Nat Bletter
Location: Kailua, HI
Sources of cacao: Hawaii and Latin America
Characteristic: European style with creative flavor combinations

Both world travelers with extensive experience living in countries with strong cocoa heritages, Nat and Dave chose to settle on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. They concoct fantastic local flavor combinations in a European style, with added cocoa butter. They use both Hawaiian cacao as well as cacao from Latin America.

Hawaiian Early Grey Tea

Hawaiian Early Grey Tea (now publicly available)

Beans from: Hawaii
Tasting notes: green tea, bergamot, floral

Beware, this bar packs the punch of 4 espressos. Nat, Flavormeister and co-founder was flavormeisting this bar to perfection (dip, taste, add tea leaves, taste, repeat as needed) and in doing so, ate more than one bar and was up for a couple of days. The perfect bar to nibble for a pick-me-up after a red-eye!

Hawaiian All-Hawaiian Triple Cacao

Hawaiian All-Hawaiian Triple Cacao (sold out)

Beans from: Hawaii
Tasting notes: bright, cherry, citrus, nuts

Yes, you may have tried Madre’s initial brilliant creation: Dominican nibs and Brazilian pulp… but have you tasted the magic that is Hawaiian miel de cacao, and the same local nibs? Only a few local Garagistas have had this experience and they now know that when these bars are in stock, there is no time to ask: “5 bars, or 10?” Buy Many. Your friends will love you forever more (if you share!).