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We specialise in creating unique Chocolate Tasting experiences. We can lead tastings at The Chocolate Garage, at your workplace or in your home with each event tailored to your interests. Each event includes a blind tasting of 8 or more different chocolates and challenges your senses to discover which flavors you like the best.

Scroll down to read reviews or you may be interested in viewing a short documentary of The Chocolate Garage which includes excerpts from a tasting party.

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Tasting Flights Our standard offering includes 8 outstanding chocolates, including limited edition bars that span a range of makers, origins, and flavor profiles. Do you have a particular theme or request for the event? If so, please make a note below so we can tailor the selection of chocolates to your desires.
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"The combination of information and tasting at The Chocolate Garage was far beyond my expectations. Sunita is knowledgeable, interesting, and fun-loving. I'd go back in an instant."

Sue Krumbein, Palo Alto

"We spent a fantastic evening at the Chocolate Garage - 9 friends out for a good time. Interesting and educational, and certainly delicious. We brought a couple of bottles of good red wine and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Highly recommend it!"

Eileen Brooks

President, Woman's Club of Palo Alto

"The accolades continue months later from my diverse guests at Sunita's Chocolate Tasting Party. It's a home run when you can bring delight to an assembled group of women, from successful entrepreneurs, directors on public boards, members of Harvard faculty, high tech C-suite, international commerce and other backgrounds right up to a socialite, and have them all feeling enriched and having an experience like they have never had before.

Sunita's knowledge, charm and ability and ability to communicate on both a deep and tasty level about the universal favorite food was a high for all and created a lasting memory.

Thank you for making the event such a success!"

Los Altos Hills Resident

“The Chocolate Garage specializes in “Happy” artisan chocolates. I hired Sunita to come out for a holiday event for a large group of design engineers, and boy, were my engineers happy about the chocolate tasting! Sunita is personable and incredibly knowledgeable about the products she carries. She picked a very appropriate sampler for my group; educating us on the history, science and ethical production of chocolate while we tasted an assortment of different chocolate blends from different geographical origins. Her command of the group’s attention with her professional expertise and personal enthusiasm really impressed me. Without hesitation, I’d recommend Sunita/Chocolate Garage to event planners. I’m sure that a Chocolate Garage artisanal Happy Chocolates tasting will make your event a sweet success.” December 6, 2011

Vicky Lee (client)

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